Since 2009, researchers at the Piast Institute have been studying the Polish American community using surveys. Under the direction of Dr. Thaddeus Radzilowski, the first batch of results was published as a book, freely available here, from the Piast Institute. The book has gone through several printings and has been popular in both the United States and Poland. But despite the success of previous data gathering efforts, we still need to know more about our Polish American community.

This is why we will be conducting another survey this year, in 2020. This study, under the direction of Dr. Dominik Stecuła, in collaboration with the Piast Institute, a premier Polish American research center, will continue to provide us with answers about who we are as Polonia.

You can also navigate to the survey by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone:

Official press release from the Piast Institute:

Piast Institute Launches 2020 Polish Americans Study

A new survey from the Piast Institute hopes to present the latest face of Polonia and its social attitudes.

The Piast Institute along with Dr. Dominik Stecuła of Colorado State University has launched the 2020 Polish American Survey. The Piast Institute is a nationally recognized think tank focused on Polish and Polish American affairs and is one of two Census Information Centers (CIC) in Michigan.

This survey is the second edition of the Polish Americans Today Survey, which collects the demographic, social, economic and political information and attitudes of Polish-Americans. Under the direction of the late Dr. Thaddeus Radzilowski, President Emeritus, and Dominik Stecuła, the first batch of results was published in 2010, and is available free of charge on the Piast Institute’s website (

This new survey by the Piast Institute will provide updated information about Polonia. It will lead to the release of an updated volume, which will be relevant to countless researchers, scholars, community organizations, journalists, businesses, and anybody else interested in Americans of Polish descent.

“Our goal is to understand the connection that people have to Poland and to the Polish American community, the importance of different aspects of their complex identities, the sense of belonging they feel towards Polonia institutions, as well as their engagement with them and Polish American businesses.” said Dr. Dominik Stecuła. No data of this sort currently exists, with the exception of the previous surveys conducted by the Institute.

This survey, available in English, can be accessed at the following link: It is completely anonymous and participants can skip any question they do not want to answer. The information you give will be kept confidential and will not be linked to you in any way. The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete, which is due to its comprehensive nature. We hope that all people who identify with their Polish roots will consider filling it out to help Polonia learn more about itself. If you have any questions, please contact the Piast Institute at: or call 313.733.4535. You can also send an email regarding questions on the survey to:

Thank you for serving the Polish American community and voluntarily participating in this important survey by the Piast Institute.

Signed, the Polish American Survey Committee Members

Virginia Skrzyniarz, CEO and Co-Founder of Piast Institute
Dominik Stecuła, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Political Science, Colorado State University
Alexander Clegg, Polish American Affairs, Piast Institute
Malgorzata Tulecki, Executive Director, Piast Institute
Dylan Siwicki, CIC Intern, Piast Institute
Grzegorz Fryc, President of Gram-X Promotions
Marzanna Owinski, Polish Cultural Programming, Piast Institute